Thursday, November 15, 2007

For seriously...

5:12 AM as I start this post.

Why the fuck can't I sleep? I slept for a few hours and then starting tossing and turning sometime at around 3:30-4:00 (don't you hate it when you're so tired that you press SHIFT while typing numbers, shit), and I want to mother fucking sleep.


Some guy down the hall said "What the hell you want?" I think everybody knows what I want.

Whenever I lie still my legs hurt if I don't move them every few seconds.

Stupid fucking capture the flag, tiring my ass out. And I lost too. Fuck me. I hate being so damn out of shape, but now that I've moved locations into the lobby I'm sleepy all the fucking sudden.

Why the hell can't I be sleepy IN MY BED. In my fucking bed where I fucking sleep. I'm supposed to feel sleepy there, not here on the couch in the lobby listening to fucktards with pube beards play Halo 3 all fucking night.

I remember when sleeping in the lobby was pretty decent sleeping. Not as awesome as bed-sleeping, that's for damn sure, but it was good sleeping. Now all these shitkittens from other dorms come in here and play videogames on our TVs all fucking day.

Go away. It was kinda fun at first, but you're playing the same damn game, now you're just yelling into a headset at some 12 year old with negligent parents on X box Live.

I want to stretch my legs out on this here loveseat, or better yet stretch out on one of the couches you commandeered for your fucking videogame bullshit.

I'm glad I wasn't allowed to play videogames growing up, just because of your fucking bull fucking shit. I like to read books, not simulate killing people in a first-person shooter. I know video games don't cause violence, but you guys need to chill the fuck out and play some fucking Tetris, some Centipede, some Myst, or some goddamn Sims (visually, goddamn Sims looks funny to me, don't really know why). Do you really need to stay up all night killing people or animals, or God forbid pretending to me a mythical creature "raiding" or some such shit on a MMPORG? Doesn't that get fucking old? Because I don't even play the damn game and it's old for me.

And for the last time Final Fantasy music SUCKS FUCKING ASS, stop playing it on the piano and drooling. It's not that good. Mario Party, and pretty much any multi-player from Nintendo has SUCK ASS MUSIC, so stop blasting the fucking volume in the fucking lobby. You don't need to hear the DING as you get a star or whatever the fuck you do in that fucking game, and sure as the Pope takes a holy shit every morning I don't fucking need to hear it either.
The Monks in Halo 3 are okay, I'll give you that, but I don't need to hear that shit blasted all over the building every evening as you commandeer the big ass TV in the Red Room so you can fucking LAN.

Don't even get me started about LAN party people... it's not a party if you do the same damn thing every day. If you want to have a real party have a NPV party. A Not Playing Videogames Party.

These assholes are just as bad as people that constantly have loud ass parties with roommates that don't participate in such activities, worse even, because unlike a drunk, they're RUINING THE INTERNET. Can you imagine? Ruining the whole fucking internet for everyone else.

All the fucktards on the network are doing the same fucking thing and slowing the whole damn thing down. People who actually want to get to the internet and read some goddamn articles can't get on because you nitwits, you shitkittens, you fucktards, you ASSHOLES want to play games with some fucking high school students and 12 year olds.

Goddamn you for making me sound like a fucking old man on my fucking old man lawn. Even I am appalled at the level of profanity in this post.

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Drew said...

Now, see, here's the problem. You aren't a gamer. You do not understand. LAN parties are fun. (Drew now goes into his nostalgic British Colonial Man mode [if you can imagine]...anyway...) Back in the days of Empire, my associates and myself would gather from all points of farthest Johnson County and would participate in Halo 2 LAN parties. 16 people or more with 6 or 7 different machines all linked together signifying our divine conquest over each other in furious , bloody combat.

Back to reality. You have a room, you pay for a room, you sleep in your room. I don't understand it (I've never understood it) about that damned lobby. I think it would do you a great deal of good to be somewhere away from there, in some peace and quiet for once. I agree, this was a very profane post. The amount demonstrated a very tired, irritable person, but it wasn't a very logical argument.