Friday, June 27, 2008

Diamonds are forever. So is scoliosis.

Recently one of my Fraternity sisters got engaged. The very next day she posted the requisite picture of the engagement ring.

Also, the box that it came in had a light in the top so that you can see the shiny shiny diamond inside. Nice touch. Because I'm sure if he hadn't included that light she'd have said no. He'd have gone down on one knee and opened the box, and she'd look down and say "It's night time. I can't see the shiny. My answer is no."

Really though, they're a sweet couple and I wish them the best. They've been together for awhile and they're moving on with their lives together. Awesome.

This whole thing (in addition to this article) just sort of reminds my of my own stance on diamonds.
No. I've never seen Blood Diamond. I intend to eventually. I've felt this way since my World History teacher sophomore year of high school talked about why she doesn't wear her diamond ring.

Many of them are "blood diamonds" and almost all of them are mined by children. Think about that every time you look at your rock. Children.

The cheapest way to get diamonds out of the earth is strip-mining which is terrible for the environment. The processing requires the use of resources (especially water) that would be better served growing crops, or pretty much anything else.

DeBeers is a cartel that set the demand and artificially set the prices. They control all the mines and they have warehouses full of diamonds that they carefully monitor. Carbon is the most common element, so it stands to reason that diamonds are extremely common. They're extremely overpriced rocks.

In addition to all this, it is now possible to grow diamonds in a lab. Perfect diamonds, in any color you want. Of course DeBeers is on top of that because of course lab-grown diamonds mean that you appreciate and love that woman less because your feeling is as artificial as they are. Yeah.

So let me say this: if you love me, if you really, really love me, then you'll either buy me a lab-grown diamond or use the diamond earring my grandmother left me and set it into a ring. Either way, it would be more meaningful to me.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I can never find anything good on Etsy

I never find anything good on Etsy.

I love the concept, I just don't have the patience needed to sit down and look at all the ugly purses while trying to find the one I actually like. The "search with color" option only finds colors in the photograps of the items, meaning that cerulean blue color I'm looking for is a cloth that the person laid their brick red jewelry on top of in order to take a picture.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

I'm addicted to something.


Explains alot, actually.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Why "Throwdown with Bobby Flay" is so good...

I greatly enjoy the Food Network. Ace of Cakes, Paula Deen, especially Alton Brown, and, yes, even Rachael Ray (God help me but that woman is spunky). One thing I cannot stand about the Food Network is that some of their personalities are overbearing. There are very few people on TV or in real life that I would like to cold-cock as a matter of principle, and the Food Network has one of them.

He's arrogant. He's abrasive. He has an annoying voice. He is so smug that he likely sniffs his own farts. No, it is not Anthony Bourdain. I love that man. For him these annoying qualities just work in a television context. And when you just start to get uncomfortable about how much of an ass he is, the producers of No Reservations make him crawl through bat guano. Excellent television.

No, the man that I despise also makes me hate Iron Chef. His smugness offended the Japanese in the original version of the show. The sheer arrogance of the man made me embarrassed to be an American (and I really don't feel that way often). Now that he's the star of the American version... let's just say I avoid the show like the plague.

Yep, I hate Bobby Flay.

If that man ever stepped foot into my kitchen I would probably throw him out on his ear. He can stay the hell away from my BBQ grill too. And I don't even have one.

The reason that I like Throwdown so much is also the reason my dad DVRed the episode of Iron Chef where he loses and watched the last 10 minutes repeatedly: it is so much fun to watch Bobby Flay lose. I'm pretty sure this is why Throwdown is a show in the first place.

Basically the premise of the show is for Flay to travel all over the US challenging various cooks to a "Throwdown" where he takes the basic premise of their dish or recipe and "shakes things up, Bobby Flay style" meaning he adds expensive-ass ingredients to a dish and makes it way too f-ing complicated. He challenged Paula Deen of all people to a chicken fried steak and biscuits and gravy. Of course he lost. Of course it was satisfying. Of course it was AWESOME.

If you enjoy watching an asshole get his nose rubbed in his own shit, then you'll enjoy "Throwdown with Bobby Flay."

(Cue Reading Rainbow book report finale "Du dum DUM!)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Computer Lab Job and "Deep Thoughts"

I got the computer lab job. Whoo hoo! I was pretty much able to walk in, have him talk to me about the job and when he asked me which hours I had available he hired me on the spot. Turns out he was really worn out and just wanted the position filled.

All of this means that I'll be on the computer for at least 13 hours/ week so I'll have a better, more boring atmosphere to update my blog.

Some "deep thoughts" might occur. Just FYI.

Additionally, Lesser Sean has been doing unspeakable things to Joseph's Jurassic Park pillow while Joseph is out of the apartment. Clancey got chewed out as a result, which made it funny to watch the little Swede try to justify himself.