Sunday, March 9, 2008

Wortty Dirds

Everyone is freaking out at the midterm. People are freaking out about midterms, people are getting into drama, and I'm weary of it. I'm so tired of my own usual stresses that just being around other people's stress is stressing me out. 
It's contagious that way.

I'd go into more of the drama crap, but I'm not enough of a bitch to go into it on a public forum, or passive-aggressive enough to do anything else of that kind. Tensions are running high, and feelings are getting hurt right and left. It's a combination of females being females and natural miscommunication. It would play out as an awesome screenplay catfight, lemme tell you.

My hands are chapped. It sucks. The shingles rash itches and aches in turn. I've had to pop a valium or two to keep it from disrupting my sleep, and that's worked so far so that's a blessing.

I've decided that I was freaking out about aperson because she's everything I'm not and everything I wish I could be, or get away with. I'm never going to be petite, overly-attractive, vulnerable, and able to "get around" without people constantly becoming attached or being labeled and disliked as a skank. Never gonna happen, so I may as well get used to it. I still don't like her because of the way she treats me (and everyone else, really), but that's okay. Darling boyfriend says I need to let things roll off my back more, but that's a problem I've always had so it's not going to go away anytime soon. 

I'm trying not to curse as much either. I'm attempting to cut down on the "fuck" and "god damn" in my life. It's about 60% effective at this point. I've been dropping f-bombs right and left when I'm pissed, but it's all but eliminated from casual conversation, which is a good start.

Photobooth on Mac is fun. That is all.