Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Texas Weather is a Moody Bitch

In like a lion out like a lamb, then in like a lion and out like a lamb...

Eff you, Texas Weather, eff you!

Monday night I had an inch of snow on my car. Today I'm wearing short sleeves and I just saw Leah in shorty shorts. WEIRD!

Also not helping: I have shingles, which is basically chicken pox that has re-activated in my system and is now attacking a nerve cluster along the right side of my body. Grrrrrreat! So I have to use this cream, and a soak and take anti-viral medication like I have herpes or something, which I do, but it's a version of herpes that almost everybody gets. So yea, I guess I'm under some stress or something, huh?

Since I've had so many health problems lately I've decided that I'm probably going to forgo summer school, and probably go home. I have NO IDEA what I'm going to get up to in New Braunfels, but I guess I'll find something interesting to do, somewhere. Basically my plan this summer is to not get fat, or work at Target. How I loathe you, Target. I don't know what's worse, being fat or working at Target. I'm going to have to go for an even tie there. I'll make my mom get me a gym membership and then I'll get all kinds of hot over the summer and try to work somewhere that doesn't suck.

If I get the computer lab job at the end of the semester... then I'll have to try to find something in Denton, because I'll want to. Robin made enough over the summer to stay in an apartment, so I bet I can too. Maybe I'll take a math class at NTCC or something and get that out of the way. A few math classes per week isn't so bad, and I'll have plenty of time to do homework if that's the only class I'm taking. So yea, that's an option.

I guess I'll just have to wait and see.

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