Monday, September 1, 2008

McCain Pics Palin as VP and Why This Choice is Idiotic

1.) She has been governor of Alaska, and before that mayor of a tiny town.
McCain just killed his "experience" card.

2.) She is a woman that opposes women's rights. Equal pay for equal work? Nope. Non-abstinence sex education? Nope. A woman's right to choose? Nope.
Any Hillary supporters McCain hoped to draw should be horrified and insulted that they are asked to vote for this woman.

3.) She is mired in ethics investigations, and is currently being investigated by the Alaskan Legislature.
Troopergate. Hysterical.

4.) Her husband works for BP and she doesn't acknowledge man-made climate change. She also opposed the addition of the Polar Bear to the Endangered Species Act.
Conflict of interest anyone? I'd be happy to finally have a VP that isn't entangled in Big Oil for a change.

5.) Her daughter, Bristol, is a 17 year-old pregnant mother.
Oops. Abstinence education really works, right? Right? *crickets*

Sarah Palin is the wrong person for the job. I have no idea what you were thinking John McCain.

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